Welcome to Ma Baby Pros

Lily, James, Claire, and Max celebrating Maxtoberfest

Hey, James and Claire here, just two parents trying to help other parents to weed through the insane amount of baby products on the market. We have two little ones and know how tough it can be! 

(Max – 1 & Lily – 3) 

We know that you can only rely on your friends and family so much when it comes to baby product recommendations.  I mean how many of us own the same exact things our friends have (whose pacifier is this?!) or have verbatim copied a friend or family member’s baby registry off amazon? 

After that initial rush of baby stuff you get at that baby shower you are left to fill in all the gaps that you forgot to add, or someone forgot to buy. 

Being in the parenting game for the last 3 years has been fun, and challenging but a lot of really awesome products for our babies that we have accumulated over time have made our lives a whole heck of a lot easier. 

There are too many baby bloggers and blogs out there that are just trying to push some baby gear on their readers that pays them the most money, we say, no more! 

We are here to offer honest information and reviews on baby products so people can have the best-informed decision they can when seeking out the perfect things for the baby, whether they be a new parent or a grizzled vet! 

It is our hope that we can help parents navigate the dizzying array of stuff out there for you and their babies so that you can make better-informed decisions and get the right product that works for you and your family.

Happy reading

Claire & James