Best Baby Proofing Products for New Parents

Best Baby Proofing Products for New Parents

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

As a new parent, it’s natural to be worried about your baby’s safety. From car seats to baby gates, a variety of baby-proofing products are available that can help make your life a little easier. This post will introduce you to some of the best baby-proofing products available and explain what they can do for you and your child. We’ll also provide tips on finding the best product for your needs and how to use them safely and effectively. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Type of Baby Proofing Items Do I Need?

It would help if you bought a few things for baby-proofing your home. These items will help keep your little one safe while you’re at work or out and about. 

Window locks: Window locks can be used to secure windows from the outside so that children cannot climb inside and access toys or other dangerous objects. They also come in handy if someone else needs to enter the house while you’re away – lock the window quickly without letting anyone inside, and they’ll have trouble getting in!

Baby gates: Baby gates can block off areas of a room – like a playpen – so that small children cannot escape. Gates can also help keep smaller pets (like cats) out of high-traffic areas.

The door stop: The door is an excellent way to protect against accidental falls and burglars who might try breaking into your home through an open door. This simple device consists of two metal plates that fit over the top and bottom of doors, preventing them from being opened from the inside unless manually pushed open from the outside.

When Should I Start Babyproofing?

Most parents start baby-proofing around the time their child starts to roll over. However, there is no definite rule on when exactly this should happen. It’s a good idea to start as early as possible, but waiting until your child is older and can walk around independently is also okay.

The benefits of baby-proofing include reducing the risk of injuries from falls, choking hazards, and exposure to hazardous objects or liquids. Doing this early on in life can help ensure your child has a safe and comfortable childhood!

List of Baby Proofing Items for New Parents

Baby Gates

KidCo Safeway Gate

This model was designed with staircases in mind, including those with banisters, but it also works well in doorframes of any style. Additional install kits can also be used to customize the fit if necessary. We love the ease of use and the directional stop on this JPMA-certified KidCo Safeway Gate, which prevents the gate from swinging over stairs, and the no-bottom threshold, which prevents tripping. Due to its hardware mounting, this gate will require some wall holes. It is made of heavy-duty steel.


  • Safety certification from JPMA
  • Easy access with one-handed release
  • No-bottom threshold and directional stop make gate staircases safe


  • Wall holes are required for hardware mounts

Evenflo Top of Stairs Gate

It features a one-hand latch, a no-bottom threshold, and a no-bottom threshold that makes it easy to walk through without tripping. In addition to swinging in both directions, the door is mounted to the wall with hardware. Evenflo provides JPMA certification.


  • Safety certification from JPMA
  • This latch is designed exclusively for staircases and does not have a bottom threshold


  • Wall holes are required for hardware mounts

 Regalo Widespan Extra Wide Baby Gate

With this expandable gate, you can choose whether to mount it with pressure or hardware, and it fits doorways up to 56 inches wide. A walk-through door with one-hand operation is built into this JPMA-certified gate, although you’ll need to step over a bottom bar with each pass.


  • Safety certification from JPMA
  • Up to 56-inch doorways can be accommodated
  • Pressure or hardware mounting options are available


  • There is a step-over required for the bottom stability bar

Cabinet Locks 

Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

You can baby-proof your cabinets temporarily with Kiscords Baby Safety Locks that won’t leave a mark. In addition to visiting family and friends, you can also use them when babysitting. The downside of these locks is that they only work on cabinets with handles.


  • Not permanent
  • Portable


  • Works only with cabinets that have handles

Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks

With Jambini Magnetic Cabinet Locks, you can lock your cabinets without damaging them and without using any tools, and without damaging them.

Locks with magnet-based keys work by attaching a latch on the inside of the cabinet, which holds it shut until you put the key outside. Once the magnet is inserted, the lock will be released, allowing the cabinet to be opened.

You can temporarily unlock the latch of a cabinet you know you’ll be entering and often exciting so that you won’t need a key. Keep the key safe from children so it doesn’t get lost, or you may find yourself in a lot of trouble opening cabinets!


  • Easy to install and use
  • Not permanent
  • Invisible


  • Only opens with a key

Wappa Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

The Wappa Baby Safety Cabinet Lock is at the top of our list due to its affordability, discretion, and ease of installation for babies and toddlers. You can even be baby-proof with style since they come in different colors.

You will attach these childproof locks to the doors of your cabinets (or the lids of your toilets) using 3M adhesives, and they have a strong strap that keeps your cabinets closed. The strap comes loose on one side when you press the release button. 

One disadvantage is that they are attached to adhesive, so persistent hands could eventually pull them free. All cabinet doors must be cleaned when you’re done removing them.


  • Secure for babies and toddlers
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Works on toilets, refrigerators, cabinets


  • Adhesive can leave a bunch of residues

Outlet Covers

GE Plastic Outlet Covers

A household with children should have plastic outlet covers, as children are prone to touching outlets and inserting objects into them. The baby-proofing essentials prevent the child from getting shocked, prevent short circuits, and protect the child from getting a shock. Plugging directly into the outlet and fitting snugly into it, it comes in a one-piece design and is ready to use. Their design complements the outlet and is discreet enough that children will not be attracted to them. Anyhow, children cannot pry them off because they are too thin.


  • Also, act as socket sealers to prevent cold drafts
  • Keeps children safe
  • High quality
  • UL listed
  • Clear colored plastic


  • Too wide to be placed in outlets next to each other

Self-Closing Covers for Standard Outlets by Safety Innovations

It automatically closes when you remove an electrical cord, making it a safe and innovative outlet cover. Each outlet style has its cover – standard outlets have a single center screw cover, and decora outlets have a top and bottom screw cover. A baby-proofing product prevents your child from choking on caps or removing caps, and you won’t have to struggle to remember to put them back. The covers are a little bigger as well as covering chipped paint around outlets. With this self-closing wall plate, you can protect your child from potential hazards by simply replacing your existing wall plate.


  • Easy and convenient to fix
  • Spring loaded
  • Sleek design
  • Comes in a pack of 6


  • The spring can easily dislodge

Sleek Socket Baby Proofing Wall Outlet Cover

This baby-proofing kit includes a childproofing electrical outlet cover, three power strips, and an 8-foot protective cord cover. Children can’t play with dangerous outlets due to its discrete design, which blends into the wall and doesn’t attract toddler attention. Using the cord clip, you can neatly wrap the 8 feet long cord around 16 highly adhesive clips of 5 inches and four cord clips of 4 inches. Just plug it into a standard-size duplex outlet. Furniture can be moved to flush against the wall thanks to its ultra-thin design!


  • UL and CSA certified for safety
  • Provides complete concealment of unsightly, unsafe outlets
  • Compared to traditional cords and plugs, these are up to 90% thinner
  • You do not need any tools


  • Won’t work with tamper-proof outlets

Corner Guards

Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector

Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protectors by Roving Cove are simple and easy to use. Eight foam corner protectors and 18 feet of foam edge guard are included. The foam has an adhesive backing that makes installation easy. It comes in three colors and is free from BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, latex, and SCCPs. Having one purpose and doing it well is what we like about this product.

Using the adhesive incorrectly or excessively over time can cause the adhesive to fail. All edge protection guards are adhesive installations, which applies to them all. The edge guard is simple to install and works well with no fuss.


  • Edges and corners
  • Long edge
  • Thicker foam


  • Adhesive attachment

Bebe Earth – Edge and Corner Guard Protector Set

It includes 20 feet of edge protection, eight corner protectors, and a door bumper. The Bebe Earth – Edge and Corner Guard Protector Set are affordable. This set includes an adhesive strip separate from the foam cover, so you can apply it before removing it. Your little one can take a taste test on this BPA-free and phthalate-free foam that meets US and EU safety regulations. The foam looks great, the cow door bumper is adorable, and the installation is easy. This kit has more square feet of straight-edge foam, making it a must-have for extended placements requiring protection.

Some might find the adhesive roll easier to use, but others may be frustrated by the two-step process compared to the contenders where the adhesive is attached to the foam. Also, only the white edge guard includes the cute door bumper, even though it is available in three colors. It’s a great set, and even without the bumper, it offers more protection for less money, which we love.


  • Includes door bumper
  • Easy installation
  • Includes edge and corner


  • Limited color

CalMyotis Corner Protector

These PVC corner protectors by CalMyotis are soft, clear, and pliable. These protectors do not include toxic fire retardants, phthalates, or BPA. A clear, pre-installed adhesive is included on each corner (a hair dryer may be necessary to heat the glue). If you want corner guards without the unsightly look of foam, we recommend these unobtrusive guards.

In contrast to foam protectors, these guards are thin and not squishy or soft. However, it does not offer the same impact protection as a foam buffer to prevent point-related injuries. Corner protectors, however, have the potential to protect little ones from sharp corners if aesthetics are your priority.


  • Less obvious
  • Clear


  • Harder to remove
  • Less cushion

Furniture Anchors

LKE Furniture Anchors

In the package, you will find 12 long screws, 12 expansion nails, 12 metal mounts, 6 steel cable wire straps, 12 short screws, and instructions on assembling the product. Anchoring furniture to the wall prevents it from falling on children and pets. This set contains six wall anchors made of premium material that can withstand a pull of 400 pounds. As they are made of metal, the anchors are more sturdy and durable than plastic. When shifting furniture or cleaning behind it, you can quickly release these furniture straps with their rotary switch.


  • It can be installed in multiple ways 
  • Easy to install
  • Screw closure design
  • Earthquake-resistant
  • Rust-resistant material


  • Requires at least two anchors for every piece of furniture

VatCat Furniture Straps

These straps should be included in all baby-proofing supplies to ensure that furniture or televisions don’t fall on your child. In total, these straps can withstand a pull of 1000 pounds and come in a pack of 12. Made from 6T nylon, it’s highly stable, strong, and durable, and it keeps furniture from falling over on children and pets. A screwdriver or drill is all you need to install the adjustable straps, which come with all the required accessories. It is as simple and convenient as pressing the release device when removing it. Each piece of furniture should be strapped with two straps to ensure maximum safety.


  • Earthquake-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • It can be installed horizontally or vertically 
  • Dual anchor


  • The brackets could be stronger

4Our Kiddies Furniture Straps

Designed to prevent furniture from tipping over and hurting your child, this pack of 10 furniture straps is a must-have baby-proofing product. The straps keep the furniture secure during storms, earthquakes, or if your child climbs on them. They are made of nylon 6t, consisting of two brackets anchored by a strap, and are highly stable, durable, and strong. You can remove it with a simple press of the release when shifting furniture or cleaning behind it. The straps are not visible from the front because they are installed behind the furniture. Installation instructions are included, along with all accessories. Each piece of furniture should have two straps installed for safety.


  • No cheap Velcro, glue, or plastic
  • Dual-way installation
  • Detachable and adjustable straps
  • Easy and quick installation


  • Some feel the brackets could be stronger.

Other Saftey Items

Childproof Door Lever Lock by Wappa Baby


  • Toddlers can’t open the 2-button design
  • Easy to remove when not required
  • No tools or drilling needed
  • Takes seconds to install


  • It may not work too well on glass doors

Wappa Baby Toilet Lock

The toilet lock makes it the best baby-proofing product for toddlers who love leaning into the bowl and splashing the water. It is designed universally to fit most standard toilets and is easily operated and hygienic. If you don’t need it or if you have guests, it can be completely turned off. There are no tools or screws required for installation as it comes with a strong 3M adhesive. This toilet lock can also be used to keep your pets away from the toilet bowl. Ensure your child’s safety with this innovative and practical toilet lock. 


  • Easy to use
  • 1-handed operation
  • Premium quality
  • Very durable


  • The toilet lid can be damaged if it is removed due to its strong adhesive.

Is Baby Proofing Necessary?

There is no set answer to whether or not baby-proofing items are necessary, as the decision largely depends on your lifestyle and home environment. However, some general tips for baby-proofing include installing locks on cabinets and drawers, using outlet covers in high-traffic areas, placing furniture away from open windows and entrances, and adding guards around doorways and other openings. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to have a variety of safety products in case of an emergency (e.g., smoke alarms), so be sure to investigate specific needs before making any purchases.

How Much Does It Cost Babyproof?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it largely depends on your chosen items and location. However, some general ballpark figures for baby-proofing typically range from around $10-$50 per item or $500-$2,500 for the whole house. Additionally, it’s essential to remember that most of these products can be installed relatively quickly and without much hassle – so if you’re feeling motivated, chances are you won’t break the bank trying out a few safety measures!

What are Some Good Baby Proofing Tips?

Some great baby-proofing tips include:

  • Make sure all door and window locks are fully functional and up to date. This will help keep your little ones safe from unwanted visitors, as well as theft or destruction of property.
  • Install smoke detectors in every room of the house, including the nursery. Babies love to explore their surroundings and could be attracted to fire if they hear one alarm going off.
  • Keep cords out of reach of small children – even plugging in an electric car seat can be dangerous for toddlers if they can pull on the cord!
  • Use safety gates at each entrance and exit into rooms so that kids cannot wander around freely without being supervised.

Most importantly, always take precautions when leaving your child unattended – never leave them alone in a room with any activity (including appliances) inside! By following these simple tips, you can ensure your home is baby-proofed enough for you and your little one!

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