Best Postpartum Belly Bands

Best Postpartum Belly Bands of 2022

Best Postpartum Belly Bands of 2022

Pain and swelling are something that often happens after you give birth. Luckily, postpartum girdles and belly bands can help ease that pain and pressure.

Many celebrities have stated that using a postpartum belly band to recover after birth is excellent, but belly wrapping is not just for celebrities. They may be posting about their belly bands on the internet and how much they have helped, but you may still be cautious about if it is right for you or not. The whole practice of postpartum belly binding goes back centuries to Malaysian culture. The Malaysians call these belly bands bengkung, Japanese mothers use Sarashi, and Latin Americans use Faja when they give birth. The main question is what is a postpartum belly wrap, what are its benefits, and should you try one? Keep reading to learn more.

What are Postpartum Belly Bands?

Postpartum belly wraps, bands, or shapewear products are to be worn around the waist to help support your body after giving birth. They are made from adjustable elastic materials covering your hips and ribs. They are there to provide you with some extra support after you deliver and while you are recovering as it provides compression, support, and helps to strengthen your core muscles.

Why Should You Get a Postpartum Belly Band?

Belly bands are used for many different reasons based on how they feel. Some doctors say women may feel different after birth because the ligaments are stretched. A belly band can help provide the body with some stability and help the mother feel supported or help with posture.

There is nothing wrong with getting a little extra support after birth.   Belly wraps can help you feel better while you are healing. Right after birth, the uterus returns to a standard size, so you may still look a bit pregnant, and a belly band may feel great.

How to Get Rid Of Postpartum Belly?

A nutrient-rich diet, exercise, and lots of patience and grace are the best way to reach any goal of getting rid of your postpartum belly.

Many moms believe that breastfeeding is the quickest and best way to lose their baby weight, but there is no research that backs that. Even though some studies show weight loss benefits from breastfeeding, other research has only shown a slight difference between weight loss from breastfeeding and those formula feeding.

There are benefits to postpartum exercise. It does not matter if it is a yoga class, a walk around the block, or something different. Physical activity will tone the muscles in your stomach, and that helps to burn calories. An exercise program that includes aerobic exercise and movements that focus on your core can do wonders. However, before starting any exercise, ensure your body is ready for exercise.

Core strength is needed for recovery, and you cannot target fat on specific body parts like your stomach by doing only abdominal workouts. Instead, add a balance of cardio workouts that burns fat all over the body, and use core exercises like planks and pelvic tilts to strengthen your core. Again, before you attempt any exercise, be sure that your midwife or O.B. has cleared you to exercise after having a c-section so that there is no potential for complications or aggravation to your incision.

In some cases of postpartum stomach bulges, you may need more patience and attention as your stomach might not shrink due to an underlying condition like diastasis recti. During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles separate, and diastasis recti occur when the connective tissue remains separated after childbirth. If you have diastasis, your provider can tell you what exercises you should do to correct it or recommend a physical therapist. Surgery may be required in some cases.

Postpartum belly wraps or belts may be recommended for diastasis recti healing or other pregnancy-related conditions, such as pubic symphysis dysfunction. Postpartum belly binding involves wrapping the stomach in a garment to support and shrink the belly back to its original size after giving birth. It is similar to these wraps, but they are different.

While some women anecdotally claim that wearing a postpartum belly wrap helps them lose weight, studies have not conclusively shown this. The uterus and surrounding structures can be compressed and supported as it returns to its original size with the help of wraps and belts. Before using a postpartum belly wrap, consult your provider or pelvic floor physical therapist.

Benefits of Postpartum Belly Bands

Postpartum belly bands are technically called abdominal binders, and they do precisely what their name implies: They provide compression and support for the abdomen and lower back while enhancing circulation and breathing. The market for belly wraps explicitly designed for postpartum women has exploded over the past decade. Doctors prescribed such binders following abdominal surgeries, including c-sections. The main benefits of using a postpartum belly wrap are going to be the same whether you want to hook and eye, zipper, or Velcro closures.

·         Posture and lower back pain can be helped with them

·         They’re supposed to help reduce swelling

·         As well as relieving pain and pressure around a c-section incision, they can ease other symptoms.

·         A diastasis recti (disconnected abdominals) can be treated with these products by supporting abdominal muscles

You may even wonder if there is anything that a postpartum belly wrap cannot do, and there is one thing. It cannot transform your waist into its pre-pregnancy size. While a belly wrap may give you a smooth appearance under your clothes, like wearing shapewear, losing your baby weight can be done through diet, exercise, and time.

Postpartum Belly Band Shopping Tips

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the right postpartum belly band. There is no perfect product or lifestyle fit for everyone on the market, not even the most popular product. It would be best if you considered the following before purchasing a postpartum belly binder:

·         Ensure your chosen product is adjustable and made from soft, comfortable materials.

·         Fit the postpartum belly wrap or band properly and avoid too much restriction. According to doctors, any band so constricting that it causes discomfort should be avoided.

·         It would be best if you avoided corsets, cinchers, or waist trainers because they are usually made from stiff materials and are usually more about appearance than healing.

·         Postpartum belly bands and wraps should not be worn every day. Depending on the support for too long could cause your core muscles to weaken even further, which may worsen your back and hip pain.

Discreetness. Belly binders come in various styles (sleeve-like bands and multi-fastener girdles). Keep that in mind if you enjoy wearing fitted clothing. A no-show look can also be achieved with skin-toned styles. There are multiple colors available for many of the products below.

Ease of use. You will not use post-pregnancy belly wraps that are difficult to put on. You should consider other options if it’s a struggle to wear while completing your daily tasks. Choosing a postpartum belly binder without annoying, hard-to-adjust bands or difficult closures will simplify your life. Only you know what you’ll find frustrating, but we’ve seen some highly user-friendly options below.

Comfort. Compression is the whole point when it comes to belly binder efficacy. You should seek support, not a suffocating “waist trainer” or too-tight corset. To find the best option for you and your remarkable recovery, seek adjustable or stretchy styles that can conform to your body. Consult your doctor for more information.

List of the Most Popular Postpartum Belly Bands

As long as there are no complications during delivery and you receive your doctor’s permission, postpartum belly bands can be worn immediately after delivery. Wearing belly wraps for between 10 and 12 hours daily for at least six to eight weeks postpartum is recommended by most manufacturers. If you wear a postpartum belly wrap constantly, it needs to be one you enjoy wearing. A great place to start is with these mom-approved picks.

1.       Belly Bandit Original Post-Pregnancy Belly Wrap

This no-frills Belly Bandit is here to do the job with an easy wrap-around design that is easy to use. There is 6-inch adjustability with a Velcro closure, which lets you control the pressure. The medical grade compression helps strengthen your core muscles, ease back pain, and support good posture and other benefits. Many health insurance companies also cover this belly wrap, making it a no-brainer to try. The band also won the 2022 Best of Pregnancy award.


·         This band fits sizes X.S. to XL instead of a one-size-fits-all

·         It is latex-free and has a Velcro fastener

·         Offers firm compression and high level of support due to PowerCompress Core technology


·         The band is quite wide, which may not be best for petite-framed people

·         Velcro fasteners can be seen through thin clothing

2.       Bellefit Postpartum Corset

If you have had a c-section, you may not want to squeeze your incision with a belly wrap, but you can still get a belly band’s support. This corset belly wrap has a pull-on design, hook, and eye closures that keep any c-section incisions in mind. It is an F.D.A.-approved device that provides medical-grade compression and back and belly support with a hypoallergenic fabric. It also has an access flap that lets you use the bathroom without taking the corset off, which is excellent.


·         Offers full panty coverage

·         Has an easy crotch opening that has three rows of adjustable hooks that can have space for your postpartum pad

·         Has a reinforced abdominal panel for added compression and support

·         It has boning that will enhance your curves and keeps the fabric from rolling or bunching


·         This is a more expensive option

·         This is an inward-structured corset, which is excellent if you have an hourglass figure, but it does not work for all body types

·         Closing and opening hook and eye fasteners take time

3.       Belly Bandit B.F.F. Premier Post-Pregnancy Belly Wrap

If you want to have a step up from the original Belly Bandit, then try the B.F.F. It has two adjustable panels that are in an antibacterial, latex-free fabric. The design is for petite figures or those with a shorter waist. If you have a longer torso, it may not cover enough. It does hug in the right places. That is one of the reasons that it won the Best of Pregnancy award.


·         Made of an eco-friendly material that offers moisture management

·         It is great for those with a shorter torso

·         Corset inspired design has six additional panels to support core muscles, legs, and back

·         Dual compression panels that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly


·         Customers have stated that it tends to scrunch and ride up at the sides

4.       Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Corset

This belly band is loved by all, whether for postpartum reasons or not. It has side and back boning with double compression and a high back to help smooth, contour, and stay in place. It also has adjustable closures, and it is made from a lightweight material. There is released tension at the bottom, ensuring it is so comfortable that you forget that you are wearing it. It is an investment, but it can be worn all the time.


·         Virtually invisible when under clothing

·         Has stay-put technology that keeps it from bunching or rolling

·         Smooths and slims the hips, waist, and belly while concealing back bulges

·         Has a step in design which means no hook fastening every time you wear it


·         The fit runs small

·         It is recommended that this be worn after a postpartum belly band

5.       Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap By ChongErfei

Besides supporting your pelvis, abdominal muscles, and low to midback, this particular postpartum belly wrap covers many surface areas (from hips to ribs). It also prevents “muffin tops” from squeezing out of the band, resulting in a smooth, seamless appearance. That’s why thousands of women gave it glowing reviews on Amazon after giving birth.


·         Offers plus size belly band for people who are over 190lbs during the time of birth

·         Has a three-piece support set that includes a pelvic band, waist belt, and belly band that can be worn alone or together for support


·         It may not be suitable for those who have shorter torsos

·         When worn together, it can be bulky and visible under clothing

6.       Everyday Lift-Up Access Underbust Postpartum & Nursing Support Tank by BLANQI

If you want the comfort of a simple but comfortable tank top but the benefits of a belly band, then you need this postpartum support tank. It is an excellent alternative to a girdle but provides the same compression and muscle engagement you would get with a belly wrap. The X-shaped back helps to ease lower back pain and provides support. The open bust design makes breastfeeding easy while boosting your cleavage.


·         The open-bust design means easy nursing access, and you  can wear your bra

·         This belly band provides any recovering mom with firm compression and 360-degree support

·         It is made from all-day comfort and moisture-wicking fabric


·         The inseam runs from 25 inches to 28 inches based on the size

7.       Maternity After band Support Belt from Isabel Maternity by Ingrid

No straps, seams, or boning help to get this job done by using a stretch-knit material. It provides shaping but still lets you exercise core muscles. Silicone helps to hold the material in place. That means no constant adjusting. Not only does it provide the benefits of a belly band, but it also provides coverage when nursing.


·         Silicone strips keep the belly band in place

·         Seamless style is easy to wear under any outfit, and its unrestrictive

·         The knit material provides compression where it is needed


·         Tends to run small

8.       Mama Strut Postpartum Support Brace

This belly wrap has everything you need, which makes sense because it was designed by a mom of three. The wrap provides back, and belly support while helping with swelling, but it also has pull-on shorts that can hold heat or ice packs during healing and discomfort.


·         If you have the wrong size, you can exchange your unworn, undamaged wrap for the correct size

·         Adjustable crotch strap to keep things in place

·         The set includes removable underwear liners that are machine washable, a belly band with built-in shorts

·         Comes in X.S. to 4XL


·         Heat and Ice pack accessory is sold separately

·         Refer to the sizing guide before purchasing, and if between sizes, then size up

9.       Bumpsuit The Women’s Waist Trainer

This waist trainer provides seamless and gentle support for postpartum and beyond. The fabric pulls in your waist gently, while hidden boning provides extra support and prevents bunching and rolling. It is excellent for c-section or vaginal recovery and is comfortable enough to sleep in.


·         Seamless style is not visible under clothing

·         The stretchy fabric adapts to your shape, and it will not lose effectiveness over time


·         No fastener, which means you have to pull it over your hips or over your head to put it on and take it off

10.   Belly Bamboo Wrap by UpSpring Shrinkx

This belly wrap is excellent for recovery if you have gone through vaginal or c-section birth. It is made using charcoal bamboo fiber technology which helps to increase circulation naturally. This band helps to reduce swelling after delivery. It also is moisture-wicking that supports abdominal muscles and lower back while helping to slim your waist and belly.


·         The charcoal bamboo fiber technology has unique properties that provide a therapeutic quality to help reduce swelling, speed healing up, and increase circulation

·         Comes with built-in boning, which provides lower back support

·         Triple-point compression is possible with this fully adjustable belly band


·         This belly wrap is only to be hand washed

·         From top to bottom, it measures 9 inches

·         This belly band only has two sizes which are S to M and L to XL

11.   LODAY 2 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Belt

If you have been curious about belly wrapping but do not want to move into a postpartum corset, then maybe check out the LODAY belly band. This belly band has no straps, wraps, snaps, or Velcro. You slip this on, and it will be held in place with flexible boning. This band offers smoothing and compression benefits like a postpartum corset. Still, you will not have to worry about adjustments to tighten it up like a traditional postpartum corset or girdle. Not to mention that it is also easily hidden under your clothing.


·         This belly band is the most affordable option that has been seen, as it is under $20

·         You get support from your hips to your underbust area as it is 29 cm long

·         The spiral boning and thick fabric offer all postpartum mothers superior compression


·         This belly band is hand wash only

·         The thick fabric can keep you warm in colder weather, but it could be too hot to wear during summer or warmer weather.

·         This belly band is not great for those who have sensitive skin or allergies, as it is made from 100% latex

In Conclusion 

Recovering from any pregnancy whether it is a good one (or a bad one) is not fun whatsoever.  

We know that everyone is different, every pregnancy is different and every woman’s path to recovery is different, so we hope you can find a postpartum belly band that will fit your needs with the lovely list we have here.

As always, feel free to join in the conversation by leaving a comment, we would love to hear what belly bands have worked best for you and if we are missing any (or should remove) some from our list. 

Happy parenting my friends!

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