How To Use Maternity Pillow For Breastfeeding

How To Use Maternity Pillow For Breastfeeding

All mothers understand how difficult it is to get a comfortable sleep during your pregnancy period. It is a time when you feel weak and very exosted from the day to day movements and all you need is a good sleep to make you relax. We are all aware that getting that tight sleep is not easy especially when you are heavily pregnant. The stomach will always make it difficult for you to sleep comfortably since you cannot lie on the stomach nor can you sleep sideways for a long time.

Getting a pregnancy pillow is thus the only option you are left with to see you through these problems. These maternity pillows provide you with a good sleeping posture that will make you comfortable throughout the night. After giving birth you could decide to use the pillows for breastfeeding purposes instead of disposing them off. You can also get a new pregnancy pillow if the old one got used up. If you are not aware of what these pregnancy pillows are, then you need not worry as this article takes you through the major aspects concerning pregnancy pillows including why you need them and also how to use them for nursing the baby.

What Are Pregnancy Pillows?

Pregnancy pillows are basically cushions used by mothers during their pregnancy periods to make them comfortable as they sleep. They are meant to make them cozy as they sleep and make them restfully from the daily activities. You may not fully understand what we mean when we emphasize in the need of these pillows but as you get to parenthood you will get the all idea and the essence of pregnancy cushions as you retire to bed. Resting is never easy no matter how much you need to rest but these pillows can make it easy for you.

Why Should Have Pregnancy Pillows?

Pregnancy pillows are very essential in the life of a mother especially at the late stages of their pregnancy and also during their breastfeeding periods. The following are some of the reasons you would need to use a pregnancy pillow.

1. For the easy flow of blood

Usually, sleeping sideways is the recommended sleeping posture for expectant mothers to aid in the smooth flow of blood throughout the body. However, this may not be difficult due to the constant changes in your belly. The maternity pillow, therefore, helps you adjust to the best position that would make you comfortable on your bed. There are a variety of pregnancy pillows and you can easily choose what suits you best depending on the size, color or even the material that would give you a good time in your sleep. Through this pillow, you can sleep in the doctor’s recommended position and hence ensuring an easy circulation of blood in the entire body. This, in turn, helps you to flee away from various heart diseases that can be caused by poor blood circulation.

2. Provides relief from body pain

It is very normal to experience general body pains during your pregnancy. Usually, the body is weak, beginning from your legs die to the daily movements, hips, neck, back and even the neck. This pillow is thus the best solution to give you a complete rest supporting all your body parts and hence relieving you from such pains. 


3. Provides a sound sleep

Maternity cushions are highly preferred for improving sleep quality. You can sleep in any position that can make you comfortable. Pregnancy is large enough to support the whole body and hence making you relax fully. 

4. Very useful for breastfeeding purposes

After delivery, you can retain your pregnancy pillow to comfortably breastfeed your baby. You can make her lean on the pillow properly as you breastfeed. Normally, you are required to hold your baby on the laps as you breastfeed her but this is usually tiresome especially if you have twins. Using the pregnancy cushions which is very soft and tender can make it comfortable for you. 

How To Use A Pregnancy For Breastfeeding

The nursing pillow is very simple to use and you do not need to stress yourself on how to go about it. We have prepared a simple procedure on how you can use the pregnancy pillow to comfortably breastfeed your baby.

1. Decide your perfect nursing position

There various position you would consider to stay as you nurse you baby but you first need to select the best option that makes you fully comfortable as you nurse. Some mothers prefer lying together with their little ones while others consider sitting upright. Choose your preferred position before you can pick the pillow. 

2. Pick the nursing pillow and place it on your lap

If you breastfeed while sitting then place the pillow on your laps where you can hold the baby as you nurse her. If you choose to lie then place it on the bed where you can both lie comfortably. 

3. Gently make the baby lie on the pillow

Place the baby on the pillow as you get ready to nurse her. If you are breastfeeding from the bed, then you can let her lie on one side as you sleep on the other end of the pillow. Hold her by your side, you may opt to place your hand on the neck or at the back as the other hand holds the breast to make her comfortable as you slowly begin to nurse her.

4. Begin to nurse the baby

When you are fully set, begin to feed her. Make sure she does not take a lot of milk as this would chock her. Let her feed at her own pace until she is full. If you are using a bottle to feed her, then incline it in such a way that she is able to slowly drain the milk from the bottle.

It is very clear that a pregnancy pillow is something you cannot avoid during your expectancy periods and even in the future when you begin to nurse your little one. Consider acquiring a pregnancy cushion to enable you have an easy time as you breastfeed your baby. It is also very important to choose a pillow that best suits you and as well conforms to your budget. 

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