Test Baby Gear & Collaborate on Content

We want to do things a bit differently here, at first we thought we would just write about a lot of baby stuff that we knew people were looking for, maybe we had tried the product, or maybe we had not… But then we thought, what if we got these products into people’s hands and had them give us their honest take? 💡

Well, here we are! We need your help, in testing out various baby gear from the dizzying amount of sellers out there. All you need to do is write a detailed review and take a quick video, send it over to us, and we will take care of the rest

Who we are looking for?

If you are a parent of young kids, you want some free gear to try out and keep, and don’t mind making a quick video and write-up of your honest experience with the product then collaborating with us might be a great fit!


  • Needs/Wants new gear for you and your kids
  • Love reviewing products you paid for – now you can get them for free
  • Like/Cool with making a short video and writing up on your honest experience with the product


  • We will send you opportunities to receive free baby/kid gear
  • We will send your product to your doorstep all FOR FREE!
  • We will take your raw content, edit it, post it, and make sure you get the cred for it – real people, real reviews

How to Test Baby Gear & Collaborate With Us?

It’s pretty simple, just fill out the form bellow, we will send you a welcome packet with more info on how we work as well as expectations. If you are cool with that, then we will send out opportunities to review products as they come in.